Forum Teams Guidelines! Please Read!

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Forum Teams Guidelines! Please Read!

Post by Rok on Wed Jul 21, 2010 2:45 pm

Hello, and welcome to the Forum Teams section of the forum. Forum teams aren't for competition, but for just pure domination fun! What is a forum team, you'd might ask? Well, first of all, all you need is a small image that has your team's name in it, and a topic for the team's HQ. You must post your team's HQ topic in this section, and give a little bit of info about your team in the topic as well as provide the link to the image so that interested glossies can promote the team in their signature (just to show that he or she is in your team.) You are only allowed to create one team. (Any extra teams of yours that have been spotted will immediately be trashed. If you are a Gold Glossy, then you can create up to 2 teams. If you are a Platinum Glossy, then you can create three teams. Silver Glossies can only have 1 team, just like regular glossies. All glossies are allowed to be in any amount of teams they want to be in, but just try not to go overboard with the amount that you choose. Remember, your signature can only hold so little.
Well, that pretty much covers it for this section. Enjoy this section and have fun, glossies!

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