Silver, Gold, & Platinum Glossyships Information

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Silver, Gold, & Platinum Glossyships Information

Post by Rok on Wed Jul 21, 2010 4:22 pm

    Silver Glossies

Want to be a Silver Glossy? Well, it's pretty easy to do! All you have to do is make 300 posts on the board, and you automatically get added into the Silver Glossy usergroup. Unfortunately, Silver glossies achieve nothing from Silver Glossyship except for the reputation of being a swift poster.

    Gold Glossies

Becoming a Gold Glossy isn't as hard as you think it is, but it will take a long amount of time in order to achieve this glossyship. In order to become a Gold Glossy, you must be able to achieve a whopping 1,000 posts. Once you achieve that milestone, your account automatically gets recruited to the Gold Glossy usergroup. Whilst being a Gold Glossy, there are several advantages that you receive across the board that Silver glossies and normal glossies cannot access. Also, you can receive a custom rank title that will appear on your profile everywhere you post! If you want the rank title, then you must private message an administrator with the text and font color of the rank title that you want.

    Platinum Glossies

In order to automatically achieve the Platinum ranking, you must have reached a total of 10,000 posts. If you have worked in the staff team for a very long time and have dedicated a lot of your hard work into this forum, then you become a Platinum glossy. Also, if there was something incredible that you've done for the forum, then you can receive Platinum Glossyship as well. There are also more capabilities that Platinum glossies have in which Gold glossies, Silver glossies, or normal glossies cannot acquire. Platinum Glossies have access to a hidden VIP section in the board where no other glossies are capable to access. I love you

Note: You can have your glossyship revoked if you get banned from the forum or received too many warnings.

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